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Parasoft announces the release of Jtest 10.4 Milestone 1Build

kbhandari Posts: 30 admin
edited April 2018 in Product Announcements

Our development team has been grinding away, adding many new features and enhancements to Parasoft Jtest. And since we know you can't wait for the official release, we are announcing a Jtest 10.4 Milestone 1 build, that you can download today, from our customer portal.

In this milestone build, we have focused our efforts around enhancing the Unit Test Assistant and the following areas:

Adding Unit Test Assistant to IntelliJ

  • Finally our IntelliJ users can now start to leverage UTA during their unit testing. Although it does not have all the full features as our Eclipse version, we will be getting there soon.

Enhanced Code Coverage

  • UTA is getting smarter and can now identify sections of untested code and start to provide recommendations on how to cover/test this code. Soon UTA will be able to duplicate or manipulate the tests to test these untested sections of code, ergo, increasing the code coverage with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Currently, you'll be able to see this in our Eclipse version of UTA.

Test Configuration Editor and Rulemap UI

  • Yes, you can now edit these items from the IDE. We have added a new UI flow so that users can easily edit their test configurations and rule map locally. This is just the start of some of the neat things that we are bringing to this area.

Change Based Testing in the IDE

  • Why run the full suite of unit tests every time you make a code change? That's right, with change based testing in the IDE, we are on the path to running efficient unit testing. With CBT, run only the unit tests that are related to the code you change. Reducing your wait time and increasing your productivity. Although, you won't be able to see this new feature in the milestone build, the underlying code is being put in place and will be available with the GA release of 10.4.

The Jtest 10.4 Milestone 1 build does not fully support DTP 5.3.3 or older versions. This is due to API changes, therefore getting or publishing information to DTP will not work. However, the license server feature of DTP is working.

There are plenty of exciting new things that are happening and we want to share it with our community. The Jtest 10.4 Milestone 1 build is available via the Parasoft Customer Portal. Go there today and get started. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback below!

Please note that the milestone build is a pre-release version of Jtest. You can use it to evaluate the features which will be added to the next release. You expressly acknowledge that this pre-release version of the product may not be reliable, may not work as intended, and may contain errors. Any use of the milestone build is at your own risk.



  • Grigori Trofimov
    Grigori Trofimov Posts: 83 ✭✭

    Great Job Everyone! Really looking forward to all the enhancements on the roadmap!