Unit Test unresolved cpptest objects.

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The Parasoft plugin for TI Code Composer doesn't seem to pickup the cpptest libraries during a 'Build Unit Test' . The linker options on the project Properties/Parasoft/C++test/Build Settings/Linker options: are '${cpptest:original_options} ${cpptest:project_lib_files}'. Do i need to manually build the libraries?


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    Test configurations for embedded platforms are grouped under the "Embedded Systems" node in the test configs tree.

    "Embedded Systems" test configurations are preconfigured to automatically build the C++test runtime library - no need for any changes.

    Configurations for TI Code Composer are grouped in Embedded Systems->Texas Instruments

    All configurations outside of "Embedded Systems" which build the test binary assume host based testing and try to use default prebuilt libraries.

    We do not provide all combinations of the test configurations (build only, build and run, etc...) for every embedded platform.
    The recommended strategy is to take builtin test configuration for the specific embedded platform and modify it for given purpose.

    Please let me know what are you trying to achieve and I will try to suggest how to modify the builtin config.

  • coinoperatedcoinoperated Posts: 18

    Sorry for the delay - I've been working directly with support to try and resolve issues with TI Code Composer support. They have been elevated the problem to maintenance for resolution.
    For reference, my original problem was that my system wasn't notifying me that the 'Embedded Support' license was disabled. I was misled in to thinking it was working as the test configurations for Embedded were still available. Reinstalling Parasoft corrected the 'warning' issue however the embedded test configurations where still enabled (imo - not the most user friendly approach).

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