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Visual Studio 2017 support

coinoperated Posts: 18

When is VS 2017 support planned? Is there a beta program?


  • Bogdan Czwartkowski
    Bogdan Czwartkowski Posts: 155 admin

    Hi @coinoperated,

    Visual Studio 2017 is already supported by both C/C++test and dotTEST. C/C++test Visual Studio plugin supports VS.2017 is since February release.

    For more details see here:

    Please, note that the integration requires additional VS.2017 workloads to be installed - see the links above for details.

  • coinoperated
    coinoperated Posts: 18

    Thx -- i'm getting errors when i try installing the 10.3.4 vs pluggin (upset with registry). I will check the url's and see if there is somthing i'm missing...

  • coinoperated
    coinoperated Posts: 18

    Actually my comment was in reference to Insure++ not C++Test. Insure 7.5 will not install on x64 window 10. I get "The System PATH environment variable could not be set, because \HLKM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment\PATH could not be parsed" during instrumentation of libraries. I then get a message that Insure++ cound not complete, because Microsof Visual C++ is not install. Followed by VSIX Installer failure (log attached).

  • Rich
    Rich Posts: 34 ✭✭


    Unfortunately, Windows 10 is incompatible with Insure++.
    We are considering support for VS2017, but it's not currently on our roadmap.

  • Rich
    Rich Posts: 34 ✭✭

    We will be shipping a new release of Insure++ supporting Windows 10, very shortly, (It's currently in our final QA process). After that, the next version of Insure++ will support VS 2017. We currently have a target date of 30-Sep-2018.

  • *** UPDATE: The Insure++ beta for VS2017 support is scheduled for end of August, please contact [email protected] if you would like to be part of the beta program ***

  • *** UPDATE: The beta build of Insure++ for VS2017 (supporting Windows 10) is now available - please contact [email protected] to get access to the beta. ***