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Unable to connect Enterprise Pack when DTP Server is only configured for SSL

Billy McMullin
Billy McMullin Posts: 64 admin
edited March 2018 in DTP

DTP Supports use cases where no HTTP port is available. DTP Enterprise Pack does verification of configuration settings to help users when they make mistakes. When DTP is configured to only use SSL, the check for the web port "http://[dtp_hostname]:[web_port]/grs/welcome.jsp" redirects to the HTTPS equivalent which is unexpected and puts the processes that performs a web port check (main and extension designer) in an infinite recursive loop of web port rechecks causing an eventual crash. If you are using DTP Enterprise Pack Version 5.3.3 and you configure DTP this way, you will run into this behavior.

To workaround this on servers that are set up with SSL, please perform the following:

  1. Stop the DTP Services and stop the Enterprise Pack Services before continuing.
  2. Go to [Enterprise Pack Install Directory]/app/server/common/validation and open the file "dtp-validator.js".
  3. Go to line 57 which should contain:
    var dtpUrl = 'http://' + settings.dtp.server + ':' + settings.dtp.dtpPort;
  4. Only change "http://" to "https://" and save the file. Then line should read as follow:
    var dtpUrl = 'https://' + settings.dtp.server + ':' + settings.dtp.dtpPort;
  5. Once saved, start up the DTP Services and start up the Enterprise Pack.

You will be able to now configure the Enterprise Pack settings to be able to connect to DTP Server. Make sure to use the port SSL is running on for the Web port.

This is being fixed in a later release so we will not have to apply this workaround.