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[ERROR] Code Analysis for ... finished with code 1 (ipro)

chelden Posts: 4


My group is in the process of moving from v9.5 to v10.3. After converting one of our projects to v10.3, we are encountering numerous preprocessing errors during Code Analysis that we did not encounter while running v9.5. We have successfully converted many other projects to v10.3 that do not encounter this error. The errors logged are:

[ERROR] Code Analysis for XXX.cpp finished with code 1 (ipro)
Error preprocessing file "XXX.cpp":
Process exited with code: 1
Could not preprocess source file

These errors are noted in the Console output and are listed as Setup Problems in the reports. What could be causing these issues? Please keep in mind, we were not getting these errors prior to converting to v10.3. Thanks.


  • CallMeRyanP
    CallMeRyanP Posts: 2

    I'm having the same issue. Everything worked fine in C++Test 9.6. Now, in version 10.3.4, it acts like it doesn't see any of my include paths in the project files.

  • Kevin Ali
    Kevin Ali Posts: 22 admin
    edited April 2018

    @CallMeRyanP @chelden , Our Support team will be in contact with you shortly.

  • SLT
    SLT Posts: 9

    I'm having the same issue. It's my first time with C++ Test and I don't know what else to do! It seems a path problem!

  • Jromero
    Jromero Posts: 28

    @SLT Please feel free to contact Support, and they will able to assist you. Reason you should reach support is due this kind of error needs deeps analysis, collections of logs and so on. Thank you

  • HamzaMuneer
    HamzaMuneer Posts: 1

    Hi, Any solution to this issue ?

  • denys
    denys Posts: 1

    Hi, Any solution to this issue ?

  • Hello,
    I am using Parasoft C/C++ Tool with Version: 2022.2.0 (
    I am having same issue while c/c++ test.
    Below is log message:
    [ERROR] Code Analysis for XXX.cpp finished with code 1 (ipro)
    Error preprocessing file "XXX.c":
    Access is denied.
    Could not preprocess source file.

    Kindly update the solution for this issue.