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Enabling C++Test 10.3.4 Rules in DTP

brian_nuckles Posts: 32 admin
edited November 8 in DTP

The newest version of C++Test (10.3.4) contains new and updates rules that are not available in DTP 5.3.3. These rules and rule documentation must be added to the DTP server in order to make the new rules available in the Test Configuration GUI and to be able to view the rule documentation. The following method outlines the procedure to install the new rules using the DTP update package that has been provided.

  1. Unzip the package into a temporary directory that will be used to copy to the DTP installation. For example, on linux systems it can be unzipped to /tmp/dtp.

  2. Stop your DTP server using the script (Linux) or Stop DTP Server Service (Windows) held in the $DTP_HOME/bin directory of your installation.

  3. Copy all files from the temporary directory created in step 1 to the home directory of your DTP installation.

    • For linux systems (use full path for $DTP_HOME if necessary):
      cp -rf /tmp/dtp/* $DTP_HOME/

    • For windows systems, copy the extracted 'grs' and 'tomcat' folders in file explorer and overwrite the existing versions in $DTP_HOME.

  4. Restart your DTP server.

You should now have access to the new rules on your DTP server. This can be tested by checking whetherthe following rules are available in DTP Test Configurations.

  • MISRA2008-0_1_10_b
  • MISRA2008-2_10_41

Full release notes for new and updated rules can be found here: