User Rule Management with C++test Desktop and DTP Test Configurations

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I've had users asking about sharing User Rules between C++test installs, and visibility of new Rules in DTP. The attached document provides a Quick Start for setting this up.


  • JeffEstesJeffEstes Posts: 53 admin

    Had a question come up on this where the rules are showing up in DTP, but not in C++test.
    The rules are stored with the C++test installation.
    So if you create custom rules in a C++test installation, then "sync" those with DTP.
    You will have visibility to the new rules and be able to manage them from DTP and the C++test installation where you originally created them.
    But other C++test installations will not have these rules and you will not see them when you access the DTP test configuration.
    You need to share the new user rules between C++test installations.
    The easiest way to do this is to:

    • Export the new rules to a shared location other installations will have visibility to
    • Open the Parasoft=>Preferences / Configurations
    • Add a location for User Rules to point to the exported rules lovcation
    • Add this User Rules setup to other C++test installations.
      You should now have access to the rules from C++test.
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