Using Parasoft C++test with Wind River Workbench 4.x /VxWorks 7.x

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While C++test does not "officially" support integration with Wind River Workbench at the current time, the procedures defined in the document below will allow the use of a large portion of C++test functionality within Wind River Workbench 4.x. The document provides solutions for known issues that enables installation and execution of the tool. However, there are changes with this release of Wind River Work Bench that are not compatible with C++test.

This document provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform the following:

• Obtain C++test - download information
• Setup the pre-requisite Workbench installation
• Install the C++test Plugin for Eclipse into Workbench
• Obtain and install C++test licensing
• Verify successful installation of C++test
• Brief analysis of C++test results to verify setup.

The goal of this document is to be able to create a sample project and run the following C++test features:

• C++test Static Analysis
• Generate C++test Unit Tests
• Run Unit Tests in the Workbench Simulator and collect results

This is not a supported environment, so there are no guarantees that this will work in your environment with your code. However, this document was written and verified in the following environment:

• Microsoft Windows 10
• Parasoft C++test 10.3.3 (parasoft_cpptest_desktop_10.3.3_win32_x86_64_eclipse.exe)
• Wind River Workbench 4.5.2 installed, licensed, and configured.
• VxWorks 7.x Simulator

The setup should work with similar environments, but it was tested with the above.
C++test version must be Desktop Edition 10.3.2 or higher.

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