Ports required for DTP sitting behind the reverse proxy/load balancer

Andrey MadanAndrey Madan Posts: 376 ✭✭✭

DTP and the 10.x products only.
ED and Policy Center deployed on the same machine as DTP.

Here is what we got so far.
-DTP Server: 80/8080
-SSL: 443/8443
-License Server: 2002
-Data Collector: 8082
Do we need 32323 ?

If you are using Policy Center and/or DTP Enterprise Package(Extension Designer):
-Policy Center: 8000
-DTP Enterprise Package(Extension Designer): 8314


  • mzwawamzwawa Posts: 20

    The port 32323 is used by Data Collector for Parasoft 9.x code analysis and testing products - checked with DTP manual. It means that for 10.x products only it is not needed. The Data Collector for engines (10.x products) uses port 8082.

  • JeehongMinJeehongMin Posts: 26 ✭✭

    DTP DataCollector service facilitates collecting data from both:

    9.x products - at 32323 port
    10.x engines - at 8082 port

    There is no setting to turn off one of the ports, so they need to be open.

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