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Static Analysis Findings by Run Report

nima_s Posts: 5

Is there a widget or an easy way in DTP that lets you view the static analysis findings for a particular run?
The documentation (Link: shows a tedious way to get a run id. Just wondering if there was an easier way to display it in the dashboard without having to dig through multiple reports.


  • JeehongMin
    JeehongMin Posts: 33 ✭✭


    The Findings by Run Report was introduced in DTP when widgets and reports were date based. Since then, we have slowly been migrating widgets and reports to be build based. From the documentation link you posted, it looks like you are using DTP 5.3.3. That means that all widgets and reports are now build based, which is what the Findings by Run report was trying to be.

    If your filter has many run configurations and you are only interested in a single run configuration, then you can set up a separate filter with just that single run configuration. Then any Static Analysis widget should show you data for just that run with a specific buildId. Drilling into the Violations Explorer will give you all the findings for that run.