How to use Parasoft Dynamic stubs #6

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Hello Community,

I am a first time user of Parasoft's dynamic stubs. I am evaluating this feature as an alternate to using Google mock.

If I have several Eclipse projects all containing different code, but the code under test calls a common function and I want to create a stub for that function that can be used by all Eclipse projects, what is the best practice for sharing stubs among multiple Eclipse projects?


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    I would create a separate shared folder in your repository with the stub file (stubs.c , for example) for the function you are stubbing. Then, in the Test Configuration (and the project) I would include that stub folder.

    This is where in the Test Configuration we control which directories are being searched for stubs:

    @Jeff Estes , @piotr , @Mirek @DanielDominguez, @Billy McMullin - please feel free to add or correct me here.

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