How to use Parasoft Dynamic stubs #3

wsuberswsubers Posts: 7

Hello Community,

I am a first time user of Parasoft's dynamic stubs. I am evaluating this feature as an alternate to using Google mock.

When generating stubs, does C++Test automatically generate the code inside the stub to support Dynamic Stubing or does have a human have to write the code for the dynamic stub? As an example, on when the stub was generated for int foo(int param1, int param2);, was it automatically generated as shown in the stub definition for int CppTest_Stub_foo (int param1, int param2) or did a human write the code within the CppTest_Stub_foo function?



  • piotrpiotr Posts: 27


    C++test will automatically generate Dynamic Stubbing code inside the stub function - allowing simple type parameters / return value to be controlled from test case(s).

    That code can be further modified be the user, e.g. to allow modifying complex type members.

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