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Installing the Parasoft SOAtest test type into HP Quality Center 11 on a Linux machine

Ramiro Martinez
Ramiro Martinez Posts: 53 admin
edited January 2018 in SOAtest

1) Back up any Custom Test Types and Extensions already present in the installation
This prevents them from being overwritten when the SOAtest test types are installed.

2) Extract the contents of the ZIP file that is shipped with SOAtest.
/integration/HP to the folder \application\20qcbin.war
Refer to the HP ALM Installation Guide for the HP Deployment Location.

3) Replace the Custom Test Types and Extensions backed up previously
This re-installs any Custom Test Types/Extensions that were installed previously.

4) Run the HP Server Deployment Wizard.
This redeploys Quality Center with the necessary test type updates.

5) Using IE with Administrator privileges on a Windows machine on the network, log in to Quality Center as Site Administration.
Select: Tools > Update Test Types
This will make the custom test type available for use in the active projects.

6) Log out of Quality Center.