Failure to Start Monitoring Error on Remote Proxies/Assets

NHawkNHawk Posts: 9 admin

This is a checklist of things to verify if you receive the error "Failure to start monitoring on . Make sure event monitoring is enabled on the server."

Being able to monitor the event in Virtualize can be an essential component to determining the flow of events and possibly pointing out where an issue may be occurring. Sometimes in new installations of Virtualize, it is possible that event monitoring of a remote asset or proxy will not work even though it is indeed enabled on the remote server (Double click Local Machine in the Virtualize Server tree > Server Configuration tab > Event Monitoring). You would typically see an error like the following one appear ("myTestStub" would be relevant to virtual asset or proxy you are trying to monitor):

Here are a few things you could verify to get monitoring to work:

1.) If there is a firewall on the machine, make sure ports 9716-9722 are unblocked.
2.) If there is an anti-virus on the machine, make sure ports 9716-9722 are unblocked.
3.) If you are adding the hostname of the remote machine to your local server tree, try adding the IP instead.
a.) If the IP works, it may be that Virtualize is unable to resolve the hostname (possibly a DNS issue).

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