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Parasoft Findings Plugin... While implementing it I came across one problem.. Jenkins is configured to pick the test pack from SVN. When the jenkins job is triggered it looks for the batch file in the workspace in SVN & then triggers the command line CLI to run the tests. After the test is finished it writes the report.xml file into local workspace(File System). Here lies the problem I have added Process xUnit test result report as a post build action & specified **/rep*.xml in Pattern field. This is picking the report.xml file from SVN which was from previous build as opposed to the latest report file generated in current build from local workspace. Is there a way to pick/configure the report.xml from local workspace (File System) instead of SVN?


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    Hi Nitzi,

    during execution in command line you can tell CLI location where reports should be stored, see option -report.

    In Parasoft Findings Plugin you can also configure, which location and report should be parsed.See attached screenshot:

    Ireneusz Szmigiel

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