Upgrading DTP Enterprise Pack

igargigarg Posts: 2
  1. Stop older version of DTP Enterprise Pack using following command
    ./dtpservices.sh stop
    dtpservices.bat stop

  2. Unzip new distribution of DTP Enterprise Pack package.
    Using a command prompt, run following command
    /dtpservices.sh upgrade --target <dir>
    dtpservices.bat upgrade --target <dir>
    <dir> refers to directory of older version.

• Upgrade will create full backup of your old installation, but after upgrade, any custom flows that were created under built-in folders example Common, Components, Examples etc. Built-in folders are located under \shared\lib\flows
• Any custom flow created under folder that is created by you will be restored successfully.
• After upgrade, all settings and models/profile will be restored successfully.

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