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How to Create a .tst Using a Windows Shortcut Key

OmarR Posts: 234 admin
edited January 2018 in SOAtest

How to Create a .tst Using a Windows Shortcut Key


Inspired by EM/CTP's quick actions feature, I took advantage of SOAVIRT's REST API and Windows Powershell to use an alternative method to create a client for those times when I want to quickly test an idea, demo a feature, or assist someone on the forums. :)


1) A Server API Enabled (SOAtest) or Service Enabled (Virtualize) license feature
2) SOAtest/Virtualize server must be running


1) Download the attached batch file and place it on your Desktop

2) Run the file and verify that it creates a .tst under the TestAssets folder

3) To avoid having the command prompt display, create a shortcut of the batch file

4) Open the Shortcut properties

  • Change the “Run” option to minimized
  • Provide a Shortcut Key (e.g., Ctrl + Alt + Z)
  • (Optional) Under General tab, select Hidden

5) Use your Shortcut Key and verify that it creates a .tst/client successfully

-- OmarR