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Is there any way to specify which profiles are used by a particular load test scenario? I am running a load test where I need to measure the performance of three message types (small, medium, and large). A test has been created for each message type and I am trying to establish a baseline. Currently, I select a single test from the Default Profile and run the scenario. When the test has completed I save the report and then select a different test for the Default Profile and run the scenario again. What I would like to do is to create a profile for each message type and set up a scenario that only uses a single profile for the vusers.

One other question I have, in addition to running the different message types individualy, I need to run them all at the same time to simulate normal load. We have worked out the ratio of small:medium:large messages and I would like to stick with this ratio. My question is how to you set up a ratio for the creation of vusers?

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    For your first question, where you want to specify which profiles are used by a particular load test scenario, what you can do is create three profiles and three scenarios (one for each test case - small, medium, and large). To create new scenarios and new profiles you can right click on the appropriate folder in the load test view and select "New Profile" or "New Scenario". Then in each of the scenarios you can set the weights of the two profiles that should not be run in this particular scenario to zero. As a result you will have three scenarios each running one profile.

    To answer your second question, to set up a ratio for the creation of virtual users, you can manipulate the profile weights in the scenario configuration view. After creating custom profiles (right click on the profiles folder and choose "New Profile") when you click on a particular scenario under the Scenarios folder you will see the scenario configuration view on the right side of the gui. You should then see a tab for users and one called "Profiles". If you click the profiles tab you can manipulate the ratio SOAPtest will use for the creation of virtual users by dragging the bars associated with each profile.

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    ok... i feel like a dufis now... i was not getting the Profiles tab because I had not yet added a new profile. Thanks for the help...
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