Succesfull test in SOATest fails with SOATestcli.exe

jpmorinjpmorin Posts: 5

I am implementing an automated parasoft test solution using soatestcli.exe. Our test suite uses sql query to validate test result. I currently have a probleme where SOATest and SOATestcli.exe gives different results.

SOATest : all test passes
SOATestcli : I get this error

<Position XPath="/SQLException">
    <Subtree Operation="insert" Child="1">
        <SQLException>java.sql.SQLException: Unable to instantiate class "". Please check the DB driver classname and the jar file locations in Parasoft > Preferences > JDBC Drivers.</SQLException>

The JDBC Drivers preference seems ok in parasoft:

What am I not getting? Where does SOATestcli get its JDBC Drivers preference?

I am using parasoft 9.10 64bit on Windows 2008 r2.

Thank you.


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