Unsupported boost lib versions for Insure++ 7.4/7.5

David ChaconDavid Chacon Posts: 7 admin

Insure++ is unable to function with projects which use boost lib versions 1.5x
Typically seeing the message similar to the following:

Unix/Signal.cc:527: panic: received signal 11 while in runtime

@(#)GITid: Unix/Signal.cc d2a4ea9d1738e811690bbe377751f92f813

ThisThread.cc:857: abort

@(#)GITid: ThisThread.cc d2a4ea9d1738e811690bbe377751f92f813



  • RichRich Posts: 29 ✭✭

    Note: The GIT commit id, (large hexadecimal number), may be different based on version of Insure++. Also, this panic occurs when using boost::thread mutexes and/or locks. So, if you're not using those, YMMV.

    Boost 1.60 is known to work, (at least for the theads, mutexes and locks.)

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