How to execute a single test case or test suite for defined time limit.

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I have a scenario, where i need to execute a test for 10mins. I can complete thru using Suite level variable and script. But wanted to know the tools feature to achieve it.

I see there is an option to give max no.of loops, but looking for time limit specified option



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    Parasoft Load Test is intended for this type of scenario. Load Test can be configured to do what you describe.

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    Yup, But i have other dependencies. This is kind of functional test case which requires multiple transactions..

    Note: Only single instance is fine, there will be a delay for 30 seconds which other system will processing that request mean time.

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    Being able to run functional tests repeatedly for a specified duration is provided by Parasoft Load Test, not SOAtest. You will need Parasoft Load Test for this.

    Parasoft SOAtest is not intended for what you describe. However, I will say that pretty much anything is possible in scripting, provided you are able to write the code you require.

    For example, you could configure a test suite to loop based on a test suite variable. You could have an Extension tool log a start time and have another Extension tool in your loop check the elapsed time and conditionally change the variable's value to terminate the loop. I don't have an example for you but just mentioning what you could do, at a high level.

    However, you really should be using Parasoft Load Test.

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    Thanks for your response. I will prefer to use LT, else will go with scripting option.

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