Best option to compare two different versions of tst file in SOA

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Hi Team,

We have a tst file where as 10 Test suites each test suite carries minimum 20 test clients. There was changed placed by team and checked in the tst file, Change was breaking lot of existing coverage.

We faced lot of time to tweak the error , is there any way of mechanism allows to identify where the changes is??



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    You could get both revisions of the tst file, open them both in the Test Case Explorer, then manually compare them. If the tst files were saved as XML then you can also try doing a direct file comparison (CTRL+click to select both files, then right-click> Compare With> Each Other). However, the default tst file format is not XML but compressed (gzip) XML but you can change the tst file format in the Parasoft preferences under "Misc> Project File Format" then re-save both tst files (maybe make a trivial change to the tst then CTRL+S).

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