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Patch for upgrading Concerto 4.9.x to DTP 5.3.3 with Oracle DB

Jromero Posts: 28

When upgrading Concerto 4.9.x to DTP 5.3.3 using Oracle DB, GRS Database Updator 465 will fail without the attached patch. Please follow the directions below to apply the patch before starting DTP 5.3.3.

Instructions to apply patch:
1. Shutdown Concerto 4.9.x.
2. Upgrade to DTP 5.3.3.
3. Before starting DTP,
1. Move the file "/tomcat/webapps/grs/WEB-INF/lib/com.parasoft.grs.rserver-5.3.3.jar" to another folder outside of
2. Copy the attached file "com.parasoft.grs.rserver-5.3.3.jar" into the directory "/tomcat/webapps/grs/WEB-INF/lib"
4. Start DTP Server and Data Collector services

The attached zip file includes a README file and the patch (jar file).