Static code analysis for microchip mplabX project

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I'm using parasoft 10.3,

What are the steps for running static code analysis for unsupported compiler, i'm using XC8 compiler for 8bit micro controllers. I would like to perform only "MISRA C 2004" Static analysis but Parasoft tries to perform compilation.

Users guide on page 48 says:
MPLAB C Compiler for dsPIC v3.2x
MPLAB IDE is not supported.
Static analysis support only.
For details on GCC support and a list of unsupported GCC compiler extensions, see GCC Support.

Should i setup my project with GCC then ? Or i can somehow turn off compilation process and just run static analysis?


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    @luj - our analysis depends on sources being compileable and compiler configuration matching the compiler used. In you case you might want to create custom compiler configuration. Please refer to this page for details:
    Also - what company are you with? Who is your Parasoft representative?

  • lujluj Posts: 2

    Thanks for quick response, if add xc8 compiler but still struggling to pass any options to xc8 putting any copiler options in Build Settings-> Compiler options does not seem to have any effect. Regarding company i've send You private message.

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