How to create Mock Services for testing in SOATest?

NitziNitzi Posts: 19

Is there a way we can create Mock services in SOATest for early test start, when the real service is not available?


  • OmarROmarR Posts: 209 admin

    Hello Nitzi,

    You may be interested in using Parasoft Virtualize. Virtualize will allow you to easily model incomplete or unavailable components from service definitions and logs. You can emulate practically any anticipated behavior and message formats using a Virtual Asset.

    What version of the tool are you currently using? As of 9.10.1, You may download SOAtest in a bundled installer with Parasoft Virtualize. You can sign up for a "community license" and use the Community-edition version of the tool for free.

    More information can be found in the link below :)

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