grs.* localsettings properties are no longer supported in SOAtest 9.10.3 and later

jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 404 admin

Starting with SOAtest 9.10.3, localsettings properties with the "grs" prefix are no longer supported. If they are specified in the localsettings file, then the following will be printed out in the console:

The following deprecated localsettings properties are no longer supported:
- grs.server
- grs.enabled
- grs.port
Please use the equivalent dtp.* or concerto.* localsettings properties instead.

Instead of using the grs.* properties, the following properties should be used instead:

grs.web.port dtp.port
grs.server dtp.server
grs.report_visited_files concerto.report_visited_files
grs.log_as_nightly concerto.log_as_nightly
grs.enabled concerto.reporting
grs.use_resource_attributes concerto.use_resource_attributes
grs.user_defined_attributes concerto.user_defined_attributes
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