how to see the request for a forwarded message

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I have a Json data bank that extracts certain values from the request, then i am using a forwarder to send the extracted message to another endpoint. Is there a way to capture the forwarded request? I tried using a traffic viewer and writing to a file but an not able to capture the forwarded request.


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    If you start monitoring the asset you should be able to see the forwarded request in the event details perspective.

  • OmarROmarR Posts: 230 admin


    You should be able to capture the forwarded request by chaining a "write file" tool to the "message forward" tool as a request traffic output.

    And as @williammccusker suggested, you may also view the forwarded request in event details perspective (Event log & Details window) when monitoring is enabled.

  • ace4everace4ever Posts: 5

    Hi @OmarR , Thanks for your help. Let me try to explain what i am trying to do,

    I have an endpoint that takes in an XML request, when i use SOAPUI i get back a valid response.

    I have created a Virtual asset that will first take extract the request using an XML databank, then forward it to the real endpoint.

    In My responder i have used multiple responses and made up some condition that will always fail so that the message will be forwarded. (As per my understanding based on the userguide, this is what is needed for the forward to work)

    In the XML databank i am extracting everything from the Envelope level and storing it in a column.

    In the Forward message client i am using input mode as Form XML and using the column from the XML databank to populate the request.

    I am hitting the virtual endpoint via SOAPUI and i am expecting the message to be forwarded and generate the same output but looks like the extract in the XML databank is not happening.

    This is what i am getting,

    None of the multiple responses XPath functions, URL parameters, or URL paths matched the request


    This is what seems to be extracted,
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    Heres how the setup looks.

    Let me know if you can figure out what i am missing or doing wrong.

  • OmarROmarR Posts: 230 admin

    Good morning ace4ever,

    Try chaining the Messaging Client to the Responder as an Incoming Request Output as you did for the XML Data Bank.

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