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How to understand error displayed by Insure++.

PKS Posts: 2

Is there any reference available to link observed error no pertaining to Insure++ with its probable reason and possible solution.

I am having an error as "Unix/ number-----Trace/breakpoint trap (core dump)" and not able to understand the reason.

Details of machine a below:-
OS - RHEL 6.6
Architecture - X64
Compiler - gcc 4.4.7
Insure++ version - 7.4


  • Bogdan Czwartkowski

    Hi @PKS,
    This kind of issues is going to be specific to your environment. It just that it manifests inside Insure++ library, because it monitors your application.

    What I can recommend is to contact support via, or open a support ticket in the customer portal (

  • PKS
    PKS Posts: 2


  • Rich
    Rich Posts: 34 ✭✭

    Hi @PKS,
    We'll need the complete error message, (hex number included), with all following information, (it tells us the function, file and line number inside Insure++ so we can determine the cause), and the complete Insure++ version number, which is easily accessed by simply typing "insure" with no arguments. Be sure to include the build date.

    If this is reproducible, then it will help if we can get a stack back trace. Run your application under "gdb" and when it halts, (this is actually an Insure++ panic), get a back trace of all threads, (gdb command: "thread apply all bt").

    Capture the back trace in a file, and attach that file to your email or the support ticket.

    Kind regards,
    --Rich, Lead Engineer, Insure++