C/C++ rule engine failure

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I use C++test 9.0.
I've created bdf files for 3 different projects with "cpptestscan" command. Then, I've used these bdf files to create new projects in Parasoft and tried to run "Example Configurations", then it works. It works for 2 of the projects but doesn't work properly for the other one.
Firstly, these 3 projects can be build with their IDE without any error. Then have 2 question:

1) The project that bdf approach doesn't work gives this error for some files:

Coding Standards checker: error during parsing file.

Parasoft IDE show me warnings at some #include ... lines in the files, and these files are causing to the "parsing error". I've controlled bdf file content, and it has the proper include paths. I don't understand why this is happening.

2)In all of the project projects, I've tried to use my companies rule set, and it gives this error for 1 file in common:

C++test analysis errors in /foo_project/foo_folder/foo.c
1. Coding Standards checker: C/C++ rule engine failure.

I can't find anything about "rule engine failure" in the Parasoft User Guide or on the internet. I'm sure about that the compiler can compile this c file. Then what is wrong with it?

Logs in the console for "C/C++ rule engine failure":

[foo.c] Checking Coding Standards for:
[foo2.c] Error during analyzing file: foo2_path\foo2.c
[foo2.c] ...done.
[foo.c] ...failed.

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