option to compare the writable data source column A with Column B

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Hi Team,

I have pushed a json response to writable data source. where as column b is "staticText" + columnA value.

I have the static text with me, how do i validate without going for a script.

Note: I have separate test suite to loop thru the writable data source.



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    Without any scripting, you should be able to use a Diff tool. On the Input tab, click Data Source then choose column B. In the Tool Settings, under Regression Control, just type something like staticText${A}

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    Thanks ben, Its working.

    is there any way one diff can be used for multiple comparision, I have 25 columns like that and don't want to make bunch of steps.. Any help would be appreciable.

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    Diff tool compares two documents, an input and a control source. You could create 25 diff tools. Or, if you prefer all 25 assertions as a single test, perhaps you can create a dummy test, like an extension tool that runs dummy script that does nothing, with 25 diff tools chained. Either way, it sounds like you need 25 things of some kind.

    Another approach might be to combine the 25 input values and 25 control source values into two documents, so all your input values are in one document and all your control source values are in one document. You would need to store each document into a data bank column then configure your diff tool to compare values in each data bank column. I don't have an example of how to do this, offhand. This is just a thought/suggestion on a possible alternative (I haven't tried something like this).

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    I think second apprach should work, thanks for your input :) :) :D

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