XML Assertor - Need help to find right assertor

saberhsaberh Posts: 7

What would good Assertor for response

I am running a test with Table full of Data inject value to attributes. In Response, I am expecting a Confirmation number for each test.

I want to add an Assertor to validate the response. Confirmation format would be "80230ABCD". 80230 is common to all confirmation number. If I want to add something like 80230% would be great.

What would good Assertor for response?



  • OmarROmarR Posts: 209 admin
    edited September 2017

    Hello saberh,
    One option would be to use the xml/json assertor. Specifically, the "String Comparison" assertor which provides you with multiple, different validation options:

    If your response payload is static, you could easily use the diff tool to create a regression control:
    1) Run your client
    2) Right click the client and select "Create/Update Regression Control"

    3) Select Create Internal Regression Control

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