Path persistence for Import Test By Reference

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I've been using import tests by reference. None of the tests I import are in the same directory as the test I am working on (or a subdirectory).
I would prefer not to have to make hard links (or soft links) to these tests but here's what happens:

1. Take an existing test (#1)
2. Remove some set of tests and recreate them in a new inidividual test file (and suite) in a distant directory (#2).
3. Import these tests by reference into test #1. Leave path persistence on the default.
4. Everything will work.
5. Now close the test file (#1) and try to re-open it. It will fail to re-open with the error "Unable to open pathname/filename (No such file or directory)" where pathname is the path to file #1 (ie NOT the path to #2) and filename is the file that contains the import tests by reference (file #2).
6. If you create a link to test #2 or actually copy it to the current directory, the file will open although I am getting some errors under those circumstances.

Now you can solve this problem if you can get the file open (via a link etc) by unclicking the persist relative path on the imported test suite but why does the application prevent you from opening the file at all in the event of an error? It should let you into the application to deselect persist relative path...


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    I have been able to reproduce this issue and it appears that there is a problem with the way the relative path is being stored. I have filed PR 36034 to address this and I will be fixing it ASAP.

    As a work around for this, for now, you can uncheck the "relative path" checkbox or put the test suites in the same file. Thank you for pointing this out and I will let you know when this PR is resolved.
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    Thanks for the reply. The uncheck persist relative path action does work as a workaround.
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