is there any option to update the System properties at run time?

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Actually we are using CTP in a server, where we don't have access to perform the mapping operation in Parasoft--> preferences --> System properties --> add java project or map class file. Wanted to know that any dynamic or script option to use it.


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    You will need to update the localsettings file (containing the paths to jar files) for the specified soatest/virtualize server. BUT this will require you to restart the server for the changes to take place.

    An alternative would be to do the following:
    1) In CTP, select the Soatest or Virtualize server and create a folder called "system_jars".

    2) Upload your desired jars in the "system_jars" folder.

    3) We will need to reload the preferences by making the following call from a REST client or the swagger docs:

    4) For more information, please see your soatestUserguide.

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