Is there a way to have a specific test run if the test being executed fails?

BrianQuantumBrianQuantum Posts: 21

I have a rest API that I am testing. I would like to run a test that grabs the log files from my server when a test being executed fails, i.e.,
Test 1 - POST command
. Test 1 Fails, GET Logs
. Continue


  • OmarROmarR Posts: 207 admin
    edited August 2017


    I recommend taking a look at the options under Test Flow Logic within your Test Suite:

    1. Select the dependent Test.
    2. Under Test Result Dependency, select the test we will depend on.
    3. Select the condition (Succcess, Failure, Skipped) it needs to meet in order for the dependent test to execute/

    The configurations below are set for Test 2 to depend on Test 1. Test 2 will only execute if Test 1 returns a Failure.

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