How to use SOATest in Eclipse Java/Selenium Project

ParasofttoudayaParasofttoudaya Posts: 232 ✭✭

Hi Team,

I have seen an option to add as SOA-Test Jar in Java/Selenium project. I dont see any documentation for it in the help file. Any help would be appreaciatable



  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 706 admin

    Can you clarify the name of the option that you are referring to? Can you clarify what you are trying to do?

  • ParasofttoudayaParasofttoudaya Posts: 232 ✭✭

    I wanted to use all the available tools in Parasoft that can be used in Java-Selenium Project.

    We have selenium framework, Its bit difficult to make assertion or data bank. It would be easier if we have Parasoft as plugin or added jar that provides internal methods to make call in selenium project..

  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 706 admin

    Unfortunately the data bank and assertor tools are not available as jar files to be used outside of SOAtest. You could however rebuild your Selenium scenarios inside SOAtest, and then leverage the data bank and assertor tools there.

  • ParasofttoudayaParasofttoudaya Posts: 232 ✭✭

    Okay Thanks for the information, I saw some where earlier says plugins for eclipse. Something like that. Just exploring the options.

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