Skipped Files Listing

coinoperatedcoinoperated Posts: 18

This is probably obvious however I've had no luck locating a listing of the 'skipped' files.



  • Billy McMullinBilly McMullin Posts: 62 admin

    For C++test 9.x, skipped files could be collected from the C++test console output (with verbosity=High):
    Skipping /aaa/goo.cpp - this file is not included in build
    Skipping /aaa/foo.h - this file is not directly testable

    It’s not available in C++test 10.x Desktop.

  • coinoperatedcoinoperated Posts: 18

    thx Billy -- any chance this will get add back in to 10.x? It would have my vote

  • tnnrwy63tnnrwy63 Posts: 15

    Hello, my bdf file appears to be fine. @Billy McMullin , can you recommend any good way to track down which files are being skipped on cpptest 10.3.3?

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