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Parasoft announces the release of C/C++test, Jtest, dotTEST 10.3.2 and Parasoft DTP 5.3.2


This release provides numerous enhancements to improve the efficiency of the SDLC by focusing on building a solid test pyramid, managing the risk of change, and reducing the burden of compliance. See some of the specifics of the new release below or read more about it on our blog.


  • Increasing visibility up and down the pyramid
    -- Enhanced configuration options to streamline the display of granular coverage data per-test case from C/C++test, Jtest, and dotTEST

  • Laying a solid foundation for unit testing
    -- Combined the unit testing capabilities of 9.x with the advanced analytics and updated static analysis engine from 10.x in the new C/C++test 10.3 Desktop
    -- Enhanced capabilities in the Jtest Unit Test Assistant and support of test creation for Spring WebMVC controllers


  • Introduced the Change Explorer tool to understand changes in static analysis results mapped to changes in resources
  • Enhancements to analytics in the Process Intelligence Engines
    -- Change Based Testing to identify the subset of tests that need to be re-executed due to changes in the code
    -- Modified Code Coverage to focus on where to create new tests to test the code that has changed
    -- Risky Code Changes to understand the level of risk in code that has just changed
    -- Test Stability Scoring to understand what tests need to be stabilized to provide valuable information


  • Introduced the MISRA Compliance Pack to streamline the creation of all required artifacts
  • New rules for the CERT C security standard

For more detail about these updates and improvements, head over to the blog. To see the latest and greatest updates in action, request a personalized demo and trial to get started immediately.