Setup problems

fatihmfatihm Posts: 2

I have just started to test C++ coding standarts with using parasoft.
When I open Hello World C++ project and try to test it, parasoft gives me setup problems. Hello World C++ project is a main example but this doesn't work correctly when I try to test this project.
Error :
C++test analysis errors in /Deneme3/src/Deneme3.cpp
1. Coding Standards checker: error during parsing file.
Also it shows "#include " like an error.

I am using C++ test 9.0


  • Billy McMullinBilly McMullin Posts: 62 admin

    Please contact Parasoft support with more information about this behavior as it is to vague to tell what is going on. Please provide the version of the tool, the operating system you are testing on, and any other information about this behavior (screen shots, logs, etc....)

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