C++test skips files

sh0xsh0x Posts: 1

I imported the ATM project example, then I right-click "ATM.cxx", Parasoft>Test using Parasoft Recommended Rules. But the file is skipped. How can I get it to scan the file? I'm using C++test 9.6.


  • Billy McMullinBilly McMullin Posts: 62 admin

    Hi sh0x,

    When you created the project, did you make the project with a Build Data File (BDF) or did you use a different method to import the project into the workspace?

    I would recommend created a Build Data File and use that to create the project in your workspace. The Build Data File will contain all the build information of the project and will tell our tool what sources are available to be scanned for analysis. There is a section titled "Creating a C++test project using an Existing Build" that has all the information for creating a Build Data file.

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