Creating a Default Dashboard for New DTP Users

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Requires: DTP Enterprise Pack.

Within DTP, a default dashboard is created for users who logs in for the first time.

You are able to modify the default dashboard by modifying the default.json file under the guidance in:

The attached DTP Template Creator is a DTP Workflow that will allow users to modify the default dashboard without knowing the inner workings of the default.json file.
1. Download, Install, and Deploy the DTP Workflow.
2. Create the dashboard from scratch. (Note: Do not create a dashboard from template.)
3. Add your dashboard ID to the Set DashboardId node as described by the comment node and DTP Template Creator documentation.
4. Click the button located on the Start DTP Template Creator node.

6. Go to DTP_HOME/grs/dashboard/builtin and put default.json in a backup folder.
7. Grab the contents of the output from the template as described in the DTP Template Creator documentation and add them to a new default.json file within DTP_HOME/grs/dashboard/builtin.

From now on, a user will get use the modified dashboard if they log into DTP for the first time.

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