How to access xlrd and xlwt

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Hello team,
I am new in soa test.

I want to use xlrd and xlwt into soa test.
Not sure how to get configure so that I can use them into soa test case.
Currently I am getting error when I write
import xlrd




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    Are you asking about how to import Python modules? We do not ship any but you can install them yourself then configure the embedded Jython interpreter to use them.

    First, install and configure core Python modules:
    1. Install Jython on your system. The version must match the embedded Jython (2.5.2 in this case).
    2. Click "Parasoft -> Preferences -> Scripting" then point "Jython Home" to your Jython installation (C:\jython2.5.2) and click OK.
    3. Restart SOAtest (click File -> Restart).

    By configuring the Jython home, the embedded Jython interpreter now has access to all Python modules from that Jython installation. Additional Python modules (like the ones you are asking about) can similarly be configured in preferences in the
    "Jython Path" field (click "Parasoft -> Preferences -> Scripting"). The "Jython Path" field accepts a list of directories which is used by Jython to search for additional Python modules. You must restart the tool after changing "Jython Home" or "Jython Path".

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