How to do Parameterization for a soap client?

I want to create the employee ID for 10 members with there dob and name with one soap request.. How to do this one?

And also I want to write the XML req and response messages in separate folder by automatically.. Could you please help me in this???

Thanks in advance...


  • OmarROmarR Posts: 231 admin

    To clarify, do you wish to generate data for 10 members? If so, theres's a new "Data Generator" tool introduced in 9.10.2 (released 5/5/17). The Data Generator tool will generate dynamic test-data at run-time!

    In regards to writing the request/response traffic, you may use the File Stream Writer.

    Take a look at the comment posted by @Ramiro Martinez on how to accomplish this. For more information, Please see the documentation for "Write File" tool.

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