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Migrating Load Test Continuum data from 1.5 to 2.0

Sergei Posts: 34
edited May 2017 in Load Test

LTC 2.0 is a standalone Web application that uses a file system, not Team Server, to access Load Test report data. You can export your LTC 1.5 data from Team Server and view it in LTC 2.0 by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Development Testing Platform (DTP) Team Server page and click the Data Storage icon. In the Data storage page click on the LoadTest root folder, you should see the reports folder.

  2. Click on the [Export path] link and enter the destination name (for instance ‘ltc15-reports’).

  3. Click [Export]. An entry will appear on the page.

  4. Click [Download] and Unzip the exported archive. The exports/reports folder of the uncompressed archive will contain the project folders with LoadTest data.

  5. Move the project folders into the data root directory of your LTC 2.0 installation.

  6. Click Refresh Projects in the LoadTest Continuum project selection page. You should see the exported projects in the project list.

  7. Modify your Load Test .cmd scripts.
    a. Replace the -teamServer argument of the loadtest command with -allReports argument.
    b. Modify the location where your Load Test reports are being written by the loadtest commands of the .cmd script. See Load Test Continuum section of the Load Test docs for more details.