Is it possible to accept user input prior to test execution?

ankit_sharmaankit_sharma Posts: 8

Hi All. I have a test which calls an API. This API compares two tables and gives an output. These tables can be of different entities and kept and different locations. I want to give end user a choice to select entity and location prior to test execution. How can this be done? Also user's choice would have to be captured as a variable and passed on to the API. How can that be done?

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  • OmarROmarR Posts: 209 admin

    Hello Ankit,

    For your scenario, is the user already aware of the table entity and location prior to test execution? Or is a prior API call made to retrieve this information? You can store your table information (id/location) in a datasource and simply parameterize your desired values into your request payload.

  • ankit_sharmaankit_sharma Posts: 8

    Yes, user would already know which entity to choose and where its data resides. The challenge is that there r more than 100 entities and each one at a different location. Also each user might want to select a different entity for comparidon. Hence the idea to take user input in the beginning, based on which location details can be fetched from excel workbook.

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