Can "Browser contents" be saved for offline viewing?

ankit_sharmaankit_sharma Posts: 8

Hi All. I have a test which is calling an API of another app. In response a web page with results shows up. Its contents are visible in Browser Contents -> Post-Action Browser Contents. I want to save this HTML content offline. Is this possible in SOAtest?

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  • OmarROmarR Posts: 209 admin
    edited May 2017

    Good morning ankit,

    Yes, you can save the Browser contents including the html by enabling the "Save Browser Contents" option.

    You may also save the traffic in the traffic-viewer:

  • ankit_sharmaankit_sharma Posts: 8

    Thanks for your response OmarR. I did try checking the "save browser contents" box to see what happens. I couldn't find any difference after doing it. Where does it save those contents so I can view them offline later?

  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 424 admin

    It saves the contents within the .tst file itself, so that if you close the .tst and later reopen it, you will see have the browser contents information available to view. The option does not save the contents outside the .tst file.

  • ankit_sharmaankit_sharma Posts: 8

    Thanks jakubiak. I was actually willing to save the browser contents.Reason is that the html I am getting as a response after running the tst is already correctly formatted to be presented to stakeholders. Only if I could automatically save offline. Is there any other way maybe by writing extra piece of code in Java/javascript?

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