Blue screen occurring after Windows Creator update (SOAtest)

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Be aware that several users are reporting issues when upgrading windows 10 with the "Creator update." These errors can take many forms but the most common of which is a blue screen. This seems to be an operating system issue that causes bad interactions with the underlying drivers.

At this time the resolution is to roll back the windows update.

More details to come...


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    The Parasoft development team has been in touch with Microsoft on this issue, and Microsoft has confirmed that they are able to reproduce the issue in their lab. We are currently awaiting further updates from Microsoft.

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    A bug got filed for Eclipse about a Blue Screen issue with Windows 10 Creators Update that looks to be the same issue or a similar issue. Eclipse development was in contact with Microsoft about the issue and Microsoft confirmed to them that they are working on the problem and will release a patch soon:

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    We heard back from our contact at Microsoft. They are currently doing internal testing on a fix and are targeting it for the last week in June. Let's hope it comes through!

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    Microsoft has released update kb4022716 for Creators Update, and it seems to have fixed the problem. All previously reproducing cases no longer exhibit the problem.

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