Why the EOFE exception is occured?

how to do to initial configuration setup for server details and preference details?
what we need to give in the field of URL under preference.
when I'm trying to add new WSDL or WADL its throwing error like the WSDL URL is not accessible at that time what we need to do?


  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 424 admin

    Some things to check:
    1. Can you access the WSDL/WADL in your browser? This will check that the machine you are using SOAtest on can access the WSDL/WADL outside of SOAtest.
    2. Does the WSDL/ WADL require authentication in order to see it? This can prevent SOAtest from being able to load it. In that case you may need to copy the file locally to your system in order for SOAtest to be able to read it.
    3. Do you need to access the WSDL/WADL through a proxy? If so, you may need to configure the proxy settings for SOAtest under Preferences > Parasoft > Proxy.

  • sunil_subramaniansunil_subramanian Posts: 40

    There are three input boxes are there under proxy setting URL ,user name and password.. What we need to give for respective fields ?? And if we don't want to run through proxy means what we need to do.... Is any one clarify this??

    And also under the parasoft --> preference there is no SoAtest. Only SOA registration is tger... So where we do the proxy setting for SoAtest??

  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 424 admin

    You might not have a choice about whether or not you need to run through a proxy. You should verify whether accessing those files in your browser requires going through a proxy, and if so, you may need to configure SOAtest's proxy settings. If you are on Windows SOAtest by default will attempt to use the system proxy configuration - but there are some cases where you might need to manually adjust the settings.

    To get to the proxy preferences open Parasoft > Preferences > Proxy (not SOAtest - you are correct there is no "SOAtest" preference there).

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