Is it possible to create the script for Virtualize?

sharmiladsharmilad Posts: 2


We are virtualizing the wsdl by recording the traffic and creating the .pva file.

Is there any way we can automate the whole process of recording, creating the .pva file and send the request, change the xml values autoamtically.



  • williammccuskerwilliammccusker Posts: 445 ✭✭✭

    Take a look at the rest api, it exposes a lot functionality that you could in a script. The swagger documentation for all our rest apis can be found at http://localhost:9080/soavirt/api/ and the specific resources to start looking at would be, /v5/messageProxies for recording, /v5/files/pvas/traffic to create from traffic and /v5/messageResponders for configuring the response.

  • sharmiladsharmilad Posts: 2

    I could not able to open the link http://localhost:9080/soavirt/api/ as it is local host.. Can you share the correct url?

  • Chris ColosimoChris Colosimo Posts: 105 admin
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    Localhost refers to your server. Virtualize has a built-in web service that you can use to do all sorts of things with the product programmatically. To use it you need to start up your server. To do this, open up your virtualize desktop application, go to the upper right corner and click on start server. Once the server starts up try the URL again it will take you to the Swagger documentation for the API.

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