How to create virtual asset for JMS services in parasoft virtualize

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How to create virtual asset of JMS queue from request response pair in parasoft virtualize


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    Hi Nikita

    There are numerous ways to create virtual assets when JMS is involved. Virtualize separates an assets response behavior and data from the transport protocol that is used to invoke it. By this I mean the principles and best practices used in creating assets with HTTP are very similar to those when using JMS or MQ and it would take a while to do a deep dive into each topic so could you provide a little additional information about what it is you're trying to do. For reference here are some of the more common ways to create virtual assets.

    • Creating an asset from Request/ Response Pairs
    • Creating an asset from Recording
    • Creating an asset from a Service definition
    • Modeling Response behavior from scratch

    For reference I've added a link to our how-to videos section that goes through many of the basic topics. Including creating assets from traffic and creating assets for message pairs.

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