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Standard Process for Upgrading JTest Eclipse Plugin

nkindley Posts: 1
edited March 2017 in Jtest

Hi Parasoft. We recently received your advice on best practice for upgrading Parasoft Desktops / Eclipse plugins.

We wanted to share this process on the Forum for other users/customers. Please will you review the process steps and comment if any amendments are needed.

The requirement was: to upgrade the JTest Eclipse Plugin so that Configurations be maintained and Eclipse is not reinstalled.

This was the process provided for: upgrading DTP engines, whether it be CTest or JTest.

  1. Login to Parasoft Portal
  2. Download the JTest DTP Engine and extract the package into a new location. (If earlier versions are installed on your system, the latest version must be installed in a new directory.) So do not overwrite your old folder.
  3. Once you have extracted the tool. Uninstall the plugin integration tool by going to your eclipse help->Installation Detail and remove the Parasoft tools.
  4. Once they have been removed, we will install the new version of the tool. Go to Help->install new software
  5. Click on the add button then the archive button navigate to where you extracted the new version of the tool and go into the /integration/eclipse folder you will see a zip file select the zip file.
  6. Continue with the installation making sure you have selected to install both the engine and the tool
  7. Once the new version has been installed. you will need to go to Parasoft->Preferences
  8. Navigate your self to the engines tab enable the proper engine you will be using and point that directory to the root of extracted tool is.

This is the proper way to upgrade your ide,
There are some extra steps,** if you need to transfer over your user test configurations**.

  • You will have to navigate to Parasoft-> Preference->configuration and at the bottom you can point the directory of where it will look for your user configuration.
  • Note the Licenses and DTP Engine Connection, you will have to manually input these again. If you are using special/unique settings stored in the localsetting file of your old client you will have to manually import the information which you can do by going to the root Parasoft tab in Parasoft->Properties.


  • Billy McMullin
    Billy McMullin Posts: 64 admin

    This is how I have been performing my upgrades to the DTP Engine and has been working for me. This can be applied to all the DTP Engines that are installed into Eclipse IDE.